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As we are gamers at heart, we wanted the most advanced equipment on the market to bring FPS (first person shooter) gaming to life in a fully immersive way.

We use the Battle Rifle Pro, or BRP for short and they use the latest Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, allowing us to run our EDGE Game engine software to customize your immersive gaming experience. We chose this model because it is realistic, customizable and is lightweight, making it easy for players of almost any age to use.

Battlerifle Pro

This state-of-the-art gun has LED lights that indicate how much health you have and a button to easily reload your ammunition. 

Wireless Headband

Our Bluetooth wireless headbands enhance the experience by giving our players visual indication of hits and also provides a 360⁰ target.

Utility Box

We use our utility boxes in conjunction with our EDGE Game engine to enhance your game play. You interact with them just like you would in a video game


If you want to mix it up and have a different experience, Free-for-all missions are every person for themselves and ends with a single victorious player instead of a team.  Running multiple missions at your event will keep things fresh, keep the excitement going, and keep everyone challenged and engaged. Most missions average 5-7 minutes but some can take about 20+ so let us know if there’s a certain mission or missions you’re interested in.

Capture The Flag

To capture the opposing team’s flag, locate their flag box and hold down the red activation button for 5 seconds (while staying alive). 

Single Flag

The objective of Single Flag is to capture and return as many flags as possible.

King of the Hill

The objective of King of the Hill is to be the team to get 300 points first, or the most points when time expires!


The objective of Elimination is to eliminate the opposing team before they eliminate you.


The objective of Domination is to capture and maintain the Domination Box!

Total Domination

The objective of Total Domination is to capture and maintain the majority of the Domination Boxes.


The objective of VIP is to kill your opponents Very Important Person (VIP). 

Zombie Apocalypse (Free for All, Survival)

Survivors & Infected 

Kill Streaks

The objective of Kill Streaks is to be the player with the most kills when time expires.

Last One Standing

The objective of Last One Standing is to be the player with the most points when time expires!

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EDGE Game engine software

Our EDGE Game engine allows us to customize game play for the perfect party. With this system as an integral part of our equipment, you get to really feel like you’re in the game or on the battlefield. Here are a couple of our game modes, but of course they’re not all listed! Many modes can be combined during missions to allow multiple experience levels of players to all play at once.

Kids Mode

Kids mode allows you to bring family-friendly shooting and modified death sounds when needed on the fly


Our mobile laser tag equipment has over 200 different possible gun modes! The BRP’s can have up to 3 weapon slots

Kill Streaks

Call of Duty-style kill strikes and abilities like power weapons, missiles, air strikes, & care packages.

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We use top-of-the-line bunkers that are self-inflating! They work off the principle of a bounce house but without being susceptible to leaking and going flat. While they are solid barricades and not something you can go inside of, they definitely add to the experience by creating more places to hide and corners to peek around.

Our bunkers are rated to block Class 1 lasers so you can take cover with confidence. They are fully self-contained with a battery-operated blower and the internally weighted system eliminates the need to stake them down to help prevent trip hazards. They can be used outside and indoors.


This revolutionary smartphone application allows players to use their phone as a heads-up display, view their stats in and outside of games, view their personal medals, level up and more.

CallSign is an app that will allow you to instant message, share stats, view your friends’ profiles, and stay up to date on all the happenings with your local mobile laser tag company. CallSign will become an in-game heads-up-display with vitals, game notifications, and a scoring system that brings the modern FPS video game to life! CallSign allows you to play anywhere that uses this app and keep your stats wherever you go! Live in San Diego and play frequently but going to visit family in another state? If there’s a local laser tag company near your family, your profile comes with you including your stats, rank and gamer tag.

 The game of laser tag has evolved into a tactical experience and CallSign is its interface. Download the app now to create your unique CallSign and connect with the growing community of players in your area and around the world.

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