Battlerifle pro

This state-of-the-art gun has LED lights that indicate how much health you have and a button to easily reload your ammunition.  The Battlerifle Pro also comes with an LCD screen that tells you things like your player name, remaining game time, ammunition and which weapon you have equipped. Also built-in, each weapon will announce when you’ve been hit, made hits, are low on life, have been killed or your mission is almost over. It’s like having a headset on to hear what’s going on during game play, but without headphones!

The 2000+ sound effects that are built into the gun make the game play that much more life-like and exciting!  When you have a machine gun weapon selection, it sounds like a machine gun.  Switch to a shotgun or laser cannon and you hear the sounds of a shotgun firing or a laser cannon.  When you get killed, you hear it go “Ahhhhhhhhhh!”  When you get hit with a sticky grenade, there is a count down before it explodes!  All these things add to the epic experience of playing tactical laser tag.

Wireless headband

Our Bluetooth wireless headbands enhance the experience by giving our players visual indication of hits and also provides a 360⁰ target. The LED lights light up when hit and solid when you “die”.

Additional features:

Utility box

We use our utility boxes in conjunction with our EDGE Game engine to enhance your game play. You interact with them just like you would in a video game, either by shooting directly, being in proximity or physically touching the red button on the box. A wide variety of box type functionalities allows us to customize missions and create various objectives.

Here are some examples:


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