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Here is a small selection of missions that can be played using the BRP and Utility Boxes. Missions encourage team work and strategy building. Missions are an integrated part of our EDGE game engine, which enhances all game play.

Capture The Flag

To capture the opposing team’s flag, locate their flag box and hold down the red activation button for 5 seconds (while staying alive). 

Single Flag

The objective of Single Flag is to capture and return as many flags as possible.

King of the Hill

The objective of King of the Hill is to be the team to get 300 points first, or the most points when time expires!


The objective of Elimination is to eliminate the opposing team before they eliminate you.


The objective of Domination is to capture and maintain the Domination Box!

Total Domination

The objective of Total Domination is to capture and maintain the majority of the Domination Boxes.

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