EDGE Game Engine Software

Our EDGE Game engine allows us to customize game play for the perfect party. With this system as an integral part of our equipment, you get to really feel like you’re in the game or on the battlefield. Here are a couple of our game modes, but of course they’re not all listed! Many modes can be combined during missions to allow multiple experience levels of players to all play at once.

Gun modes

Our mobile laser tag equipment has over 200 different possible gun modes!  The BRP’s can have up to 3 weapon slots, depending on the game/mission. Each mode comes with its own unique realistic sound effects and vibrations that make the experience much more exciting! Pressing the up or down buttons on the control pad allows you to rotate between weapons at any time.

Kids Mode

Kids mode allows you to bring family-friendly shooting and modified death sounds when needed on the fly. This works great in situations with parents or adults who don’t want the realistic sound effects.

Kill Streaks

Call of Duty-style kill strikes and abilities like power weapons, missiles, air strikes, & care packages. A “Kill Streak” is when you continuously eliminate other players without being eliminated yourself.  The longer the streak, the better the bonus you will receive! Streaks vary from mission to mission.  Here are just a few streak bonuses you can earn with mobile laser tag.

  • UAV: Call in a UAV drone that detects enemy players on the map and makes a pinging sound so you can find them.
  • Mortar Strike: Launch a mortar strike at an enemy dealing splash damage to surrounding players.
  • Body Armor: Gives you an armor boost so that you can take more damage.
  • Air Strike: Call in an airstrike to send missiles towards the enemy team.
  • Support Package: Provides support that gives your entire team a boost to armor.
  • Chopper: Receive support from the sky as a helicopter attacks enemy players at random from the sky.
  • MEDEVAC: Revive all fallen players instantly.
  • System Hack: Hack the enemy base and delay their ability to respawn back to life.
  • Weapons Crate: Supply your entire team with a special weapon.
  • Nuke: Drop a devastating nuclear bomb eliminating the entire enemy team.
  • Live Kill Confirmation: When players get a kill, they know it through in-game feedback.
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